His name is Ben Haggerty and he was born on 19 June 1983. He is an american rapper. He has irish origins. He worked with producer Ryan Lewis. Macklemore is a celebrity. He sings 'thrift shop' and we love this music because it's fun and catchy.

by Elodie and Benjamin 3eA

David Guetta 'One last time'

I'm keen-on David GUETTA ! Mainly his new song ; « Just one last time » with Taped Ray. David guetta was born in november 1967. He is a French DJ but he can speak English very well. He married Caty GUETTA in 1992. In the vidéo there are 2 boys and 1 girl. Their house is on fire. The boy saves the girl but he dies. I love the song because I'm into the voice of the singer ; Mainly for the chorus.

by Manon

Empire State Building



The Empire State Building is the most famous skyscraper in New York City. It's on 5th avenue, between 33rd and 34th street, in Midtown Manhattan. It's was built between 1930 and 1931 by 3 architects who are Shreve, Lamb, Harmon. It's 381 meters without the antenna. There are 102 floors and 860 steps. It was named after the nickname of New York State "The Empire State". It was seen in many movies and series like King Kong and Friends.

by Manon




December 2nd : Lachlan, a young Australian, arrived in France, in Paris by plane. December 11th : Lachlan, arrived in Doudeville, and stayed at Guillaume's home. He stayed at Guillaume's home for 7 weeks. Lachlan is a 16 year old boy from Melbourne. He is 179 cm, he has bushy hair and blue eyes. He has a beautiful smile. ;) He has fallen in love with a girl, and she has too. <3 <3 <3 He celebrated Christmas, his birthday and New Year4s in Normandy with Guillaume's family. He was born in Albury-Wodonga, in 1996. He really enjoyed his stay in France. Lachlan returns to his home next Tuesday by plane. He says : Goodbye and ( in French) "A bientôt" ! :D

The Flatiron Building

Flatiron2.jpg Flatiron Building - New York City The Flatiron Building is located on the 5th avenue, at the intersection twenty third Madison Square. It was built in 1900 and was completed in 1902 by Daniel Burnham. The Flatiron Building is 87 meters, there are 1020 windows and 22 floors. It's 332 000 tons and we can see it in the Spider-Man movie: It's the "Daily Bugle" where Peter Parker works.

by Quentin and Théo

Alicia Keys, 'Empire State of Mind' II

She also sang a rap version with Jay-Z, the famous American rapper. Watch the video, and try to identify the famous places in New York City!

Alicia Keys, 'Empire State of Mind'

In 3e, we are studying New York City at the moment and we worked on this song by Alicia Keys!

Blog d'Anglais

Ce blog permet de diffuser, lorsque cela est nécessaire, des contenus multimédia en rapport avec les cours.


Save the environment!!

In 4e, we have just finished to work on the Environment. We studied this song by the band 30 seconds to Mars, who launched a massive campain to support The Environment!

Watch the video here:

And if you are curious, check out their website!